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They are the chief technicians of China Railway: they are brave in the inspection road, and they practice their original aspirations in the ordinary.

2021-07-05 10:28:31
Recently, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. issued a notice in accordance with the "Administrative Measures for the Training and Selection of Railway Chief Technicians", naming 9 comrades as the chief technicians of the whole road. Among them, there are two track "superior detectives"! They are Hao Ji, a non-destructive inspector from the Jinzhou Depot of Shenyang Bureau Group, and Zou Yongsheng, a non-destructive inspector from the Siping Public Works Depot.


"The courageous" Hao Ji: "Teacher and Apprentice Classic"

"When I first entered the job, I saw the use of ultrasound to inspect railway accessories. It was fun and fresh. I felt that I could do the job easily without too much effort." Hao Ji recalled. After I was really "getting started", I realized that it was not easy. I am also afraid of back pain, I am afraid of missing small traces, and I am worried about a derailment accident in my dreams.

Hao Ji was born in 1981. After graduating from Jinzhou Railway Drivers School in 2000, he came to work in Jinzhou Depot of China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

In the past 13 years, he has changed from an ordinary flaw detector to a flaw detector foreman, and has won many honorary titles such as "Shenzhen Craftsman", Enterprise Chief Technician, National Railway New Long March Assaultman, and National Technical Expert.


"Careful" of "Technology"

In the eyes of the workers, Hao Ji has long been the "main backbone" of the unit. Whenever he was in doubt or found out for reasons, he would definitely be approached. However, he carefully studied and judged the complicated flaws again and again.

During a routine inspection on May 8, worker Wang Lei found that there was a suspicious waveform in the wheel seat insert of a wheel axle during the ultrasonic inspection of the axle. There are obvious differences in the waveforms, but the specific reasons cannot be found, so I quickly found Hao Ji to help identify them.

After repeated inspections and careful analysis and comparison, Haoji judged that there should be a crack fault in this part. After decomposition and inspection, there was a 20 mm long transverse crack along the circumference of this part.

"During the inspection process, he learned knowledge and gained insights. He is really good at flaw detection and has a sharp eye!" Wang Lei said while giving a thumbs up.

Axle flaw detection is a circular scan of the wheel seat insert, shaft body, and shaft diameter root of the truck axle. Each axle is inspected for 3 to 5 minutes, pushed and pulled for hundreds of times, and sometimes it takes more than 150 times to identify a suspected point. At the end of a day, with hundreds of wheel and axle workloads, one action has to be repeated tens of thousands of times.

The responsibility of the post is heavy, and the slightest negligence may cause serious railway traffic accidents. In a flaw detection operation of the wheel set that was assembled for the first time, due to the short assembly time of the wheel set, similar wheel axles had never failed before, but he found in this inspection that a suspicious wave pattern on the outside of the insert part of the wheel seat was found. The wandering phenomenon along the baseline of the fluorescent screen conforms to the characteristics of injury waves.

After repeated inspections for many times, it was finally judged as a wheel axle crack failure. After disassembly, it was found that there was a 60 mm long transverse crack along the circumference 30 mm outside the wheel base of the wheel base, which prevented a possible cold-cut shaft accident of a railway freight car.

In order to further improve the quality of wheel and axle maintenance, he led the team to conduct statistical analysis on the wheel axle failures discovered over the years, combined with his own experience, summed up the "sixty-five-four flaw detection and maintenance method", and compiled and perfected the "HMIS wheel and axle maintenance information real-time analysis system". Effectively improve the rate of wheel and axle damage judgment and accurately locate the regularity of wheel and axle crack failures, and won the 2019 Quality Management Team Activity Invitational Award of the National Railway Industry.

In 2013, Hao Ji served as the foreman. Under his leadership, the team members prevent hundreds of wheel and axle failures every year, of which more than 30 are of great value.


Show your skills in the "passing band"

This year is the 21st year that Hao Ji has been engaged in flaw detection of truck axles. He has gained the "chief" of the whole road. But he is still the same as in the past, always treating every wheel with caution, and dare not "slowly wait" for the "strange" that is invisible to the naked eye, for fear of problems with the "handled" axle.

21 years ago, out of interest, out of curiosity. Curiosity inspired his unremitting search for technology.

In order to quickly improve his technical and business capabilities, he recorded every problem and every failure he encountered in his work in a small notebook, and consulted his master whenever he had time. At the same time, we insisted on self-study of professional knowledge such as "Ultrasonic Testing" and "Magnetic Particle Inspection", and made more than 100 small cards with relevant content, and carried them when they were free, and "charged" whenever and wherever possible.

Soon, he mastered the ultrasonic flaw detection technique, knew every kind of wheel and axle fault waveform, and quickly became the technical leader in the team.

After becoming a foreman, he encountered many problems, large and small, and he studied carefully and solved it in time. Ultrasonic micro-control probes wear out in less than half a month, and the detection accuracy will drop. Each probe is more than 3,000 yuan, two devices have 4 probes, and every replacement will make him very "heartache".

In order to ensure detection accuracy and reduce probe wear, he tried many methods. After repeated exploration and experimentation, an innovative plan for adding a filter to the coupling liquid circuit port was concluded, which effectively improved the service life and detection accuracy of the probe, ensured quality and saved costs.

How many nails can a person twist with iron all over? The team is an important force to ensure the safety and smooth flow of railways. As a technical leader, in order to improve the operating skills of young workers, Hao Ji took the initiative to "pass, help, and lead", speaking face to face and teaching hands-on.

In the past few years, in the vocational skill competition organized by Duanhe Bureau, 4 of the young workers of the team won the technical champion, 5 were awarded the title of technical pacesetter, 1 was rated as a senior worker technician, and 2 were rated as workers. Technician, all the 5 apprentices he led have obtained the professional qualification certificate of railway senior flaw detection worker.

"We are doing fine work. The flaw detection waveform is abstract and unintuitive. It requires the coordination of hands, brain, and eyes for waveform analysis." Hao Ji said with deep feeling that the longer the work, the less courage it will be.

"It's not a bad thing to be timid. As long as our hearts become more and more detailed, our eyes become sharper, and our brains become more flexible, the wheels will become safer and safer." Hao Ji told his partners at the pre-class meeting. .


Zou Yongsheng, who has worked hard for more than ten years:

"Outsider" becomes "Supernatural Detective"

On the Wanli Railway Line, there are hundreds of passenger and freight trains running every day. For the safety and smooth flow of the railway, I do not know how many ordinary railway people are working and dedicating silently. Zou Yongsheng, monitor of the flaw detection section of the Siping Public Works Section of Shenyang Railway Bureau, is one of them.

Rail flaw detection is to use advanced flaw detectors to find damaged rails to eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure train safety. Zou Yongsheng is a veritable steel rail "doctor". In the eyes of most people, steel rails are all the same. It is not easy to find out where there is a "damaged rail". Since 1989, Zou Yongsheng has forged an indissoluble bond with flaw detection work. In order to practice flaw detection skills, he consulted veteran workers with practical experience while constantly learning new knowledge about flaw detection. He participated in many professional flaw detection training courses organized by the Railway Administration and the Ministry of Railways. He also bought a large number of related books at his own expense. "Charge".

Zou Yongsheng (second from left) instructs flaw detectors on how to determine the location of rail damage

In addition to manual inspections, railway flaw detection operations mainly rely on advanced ultrasonic flaw detectors, just like the B-ultrasound machine in a hospital. Although the machine is very advanced, the key is to have a high level of diagnosis to find hidden dangers. Zou Yongsheng has thoroughly considered the performance of the flaw detector, like a high-level flaw detector, as long as it is a damaged rail, he can't escape his golden eyes.

It is precisely after more than ten years of painstaking exploration and pursuit that he has turned from an "outside man" to a steel rail "superior detective". In the past five years, a total of 1,616 severely injured rails and 818 groups of severely injured switch points have been found in his flaw detection work area. His work area was rated as an advanced team by Shenyang Railway Bureau, and Zou Yongsheng was named "Technical Expert" and "Technical Model" by Shenyang Railway Bureau.

On November 8, 2008, he represented the Shenyang Railway Bureau in the 2nd National Railway Industry Rail Flaw Detection Competition, won the title of "National Technical Expert", and was awarded the "Locomotive Medal" by the All-China Railway Federation!


Be courageously on the way of testing,

Practice the original intention in the ordinary.

Learn from model workers!

Tribute to the craftsmen of the great country!


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